What is the Immortelle flower?

Our relationship with our producers is precious, and built on trust and mutual respect. They're the ones who grow the locally sourced, traceable ingredients that lie at the heart of our products. We have long-term, non-exclusive contracts with our producers, pay them a fair price, and provide them with technical and financial support. But we want to go even further…

Our aim: to have a Fair Trade relationship with all our direct producers by 2025. Can we do it? Yes we can!  

Meet our Immortelle Producers

Pascale Chérubin

 “Life is made of opportunities and those opportunities pave your way! I have the chance today to grow 7 hectares of Immortelle flowers. My family and I live in the middle of our fields, even if I’m not there every day. It defines the rhythm of our lives and it is an integral part of our daily life.”

A flower that's grown organically and sustainably

“I was the first to grow immortelle flowers in Corsica – although it was a complete unknown to me. You do this job because you are passionate about the flower, not for financial gain. And then, one day, without realising it, you manage to earn a living! Some people never live out their passion and I am proud to do so.”