Cherry Blossom Collection

L’OCCITANE celebrates the poetic beauty of Cherry Blossom and its delicate flowers. The Cherry Blossom Range is a feminine bouquet of powdery Cherry Blossom and sweet fruits, leaving a very warm and delicate scent on the skin. The Cherry Extract comes from Lubéron, where cherries are traditionally harvested to make candied fruits and mouth-watering jams!

One of the sweetest scents, cherry blossom combines a soft floral perfume with the slight tart undercurrent of cherry fruit, leaving a very warm and delicate scent on the skin whether we opt for the cherry blossom Eau de toilette, soap or shower gel.

Soft & Delicate Fragance

Discover our delicate and enveloping Cherry Blossom fragrance, capturing the fleeting beauty of blossoming cherry trees. This luminous floral Eau de Toilette will transport you to the cherry tree-dotted hillsides of southern France with its delicate and fresh scent. 

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Delicate & Sweet

Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette

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Cherry Blossom Ingredients

Characterised by its soothing properties and rich levels of anti-oxidants, cherry blossom oil is one of the more underrated essential oils - providing the benefit of an alluring sweet and floral scent, and the properties which promote smooth and supple skin.

The moment of bloom for a cherry blossom is so brief if you’re not present in the moment you could miss it. Each year, the pure white flowers mark the start of spring, a clean slate for a new harvest. The Cherry tree is a strong part of the Provencal landscape. The Cherry extract that L’OCCITANE uses in its Cherry Blossom products is locally sourced from Luberon in Provence.

Derived from the popular cherry blossom flower which tends to signal the arrival of Spring through its soft pink flowers and delicate scent, cherry blossom season begins when the temperature starts to warm, and will typically last for a couple of weeks before the petals start to drop. During the blossom season, cherry blossom essential oil is made using the natural petals and heads of the flowers; mixing the potent floral heads with a high quality oil which draws in and combines the active extracts from the flower with the base oil. This is then filtered to create the soothing and sensitive extract which is heralded for its effective use in the hair and on the surface of the skin.

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