Immortelle Divine Harmony

At the heart of the Divine Harmony formula lie two precious natural ingredients with exceptional properties: Immortelle Millésimée and Jania Rubens, a rare red algae with the ability to eternally regenerate. Together, they form a powerful active complex designed to deeply revitalise skin and reveal its inner radiance!

Divine Harmony Cream

This silky Divine Harmony Cream combines Immortelle and Jania Rubens, a red algae which is used to target deep set wrinkles and restore hydration in the skin. A fusion of oil and water, this indulgent the  anti-aging cream softly melts into the skin leaving it nourished and improving the lack of radiance and firmness. Upon application, this soft rejuvenating cream transforms into a fine oil in order to release its active ingredients deeper into the skin.

Advanced Anti-Aging

Harmony Divine Cream

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Immortelle Divine Harmony Benefits

100% Organic Essential Oil


Our Natural Alternative To Retinol