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Introducing our New Source Réotier line. It's water-based, perfect for complexions suffering from dehydration and ideal for ages 16-25 and upwards. The surprising new textures will excite all your senses, while keeping your skin feeling fresh and hydrated. Formulated with calcium-rich Réotier Water, moisture is locked in for powerful hydration that lasts all day long. Our Source Reotier lineup is water-based and perfect for complexions suffering from dehydration.

What is Water Based Skincare? Water-based skin products are formulated with water as the main ingredient for a very lightweight texture, that will leave your skin fully hydrated, with a shine-free and non-greasy finish. Water-based skincare is therefore ideal for combination to oily skin types, but also for dry skin, or if your skin feels dehydrated.

Instantly boost skin radiance

Formulated with glow-boosting rice peptides, skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, purifying lavender essential oil, and 25% calcium-rich Réotier active water, known for its properties that help skin maintain its hydration barrier and retain moisture, skin’s natural hydration is improved.

Replenished and plumped, skin is feeling soft and smooth. Complexion looks glowing, radiant, fresh and luminous all day long.

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Source Réotier Glow Gel-Cream

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Our Réotier Spring Water

L'OCCITANE has been celebrating the wonders of Provence since its founding in 1976, with the Réotier Spring being our latest discovery. It rises up from the earth in the mountainous Hautes-Alpes region, designed by nature, its beautiful shape is formed by the unique mineral water.

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