Men's Fragrances



The warm scent of roasted shea almond, heated under the arid African sun. Combined with the amber aspect of natural French clary sage and the warm and sensual note of Mediterranean orris. It’s a powerful eau de
parfum combination  for men you’d never expect! 

TOP NOTE: Clary Sage from France, Bergamot, Cardamom, Black Pepper 
HEART NOTE: Roasted Shea almond accord, Coffee Pure, Cocoa
BASE NOTE: Orris from Mediterranean region, Boubon Vetiver, Cedar wood


The invigorating scent of a centenary olive tree field after the rain, combined with the green aspect of French violet and the menthol note of
Mediterranean eucalyptus leaves an earthy and natural scent. Our experts managed to capture this exquisite experience in a unique perfume for men.

TOP NOTE: Eucalyptus from Mediterranean region, Star anise, Lime, Elemi 
HEART NOTE: Olive wood accord, Bourbon Geranium, Cypress
BASE NOTE: Violet from France, Patchouli, Cedar wood, Bourbon Vetiver


This men's fragrance perfectly unites the fresh, mineral notes of rivers and oceans, with rosemary, rooted &
sourced in France and the woody, spiced notes of driftwood - captured for the first time in this scent for men, sublimated by hints of lavender and red algae.  

TOP NOTE: Rosemary from Mediterranean region, Red Algae, Crisp Leaf accord
HEART NOTE: Driftwood accord, Sea salt accord, Nutmeg
BASE NOTE: Cedar wood, Bourbon Vetiver, Moss accord

Mysterious & Warm

Created through the distillation of authentic lavender blended with the peppery, nutmeg scent of burnt wood, An elegant and luxurious cologne, L’Occitan is a nod to the rich scents of French Provence, in their ruggedness and mystery.

Sensual & Spicy

Sensual and mysterious, the Baux scent features head notes of red peppercorn and cardamom blossoming around a warm heart of Provencal cypress and incense.

Woody & Masculine

A fragrance that combines vibrant, aquatic and citrus notes with an intriguing base of woody spices. Previously known as L'Homme Cologne Cedrat.

Uplifting & Invigorating

Fine and distinguished, Cedrat asserts its innate elegance, which blends harmoniously with that of bergamot, aromatic spices and a slightly smoky, woody base to bring a sophisticated cascade of freshness.