the inside & out range that flips the way we think about beauty

1- Reduce by 67% the appearance of cellulite

2- Skin firmness +36%

Artichokes Product & Massage

Artichoke Body Scrub

STEP 1 Warm & Activate
with the Artichaut body scrub.
This artichoke-extract skin scrub prepares and exfoliates to remove dead skin and promote skin renewal. Together with a massage, it helps to stimulate microcirculation, redefine body contours and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Try on dry skin for an immediate warming effect!

Artichoke Massage Cream

STEP 2 Refresh & Tone

Follow up with the artichoke extract massage cream for intense hydration, improved skin elasticity, and a nourished look. It will firm and tone up the skin whilst tackling the discomfort of swelling and heavy legs.

Body Massage Gua Sha

When used with the Gua Sha tool, the efficacy of the cream is boosted - as it allows deeper massage and immediate improvement of microcirculation. In fact, 100%of women find the product to
improve their heavy-leg sensations and tone of their skin after just one month of usage.

Artichoke Ingredient

The ingredients for smoothness outside

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We Grow Nature

We believe in sustainable agriculture and we develop agro-ecological methods to grow our iconic ingredients. They are sourced sustainably and in ways that do not put pressure on the precious ecosystems and natural environments that surround us. 

We Act Locally

L’OCCITANE Malta and official local distributor Bluerock Operations Limited took the initiative to plant 100 indigenous trees together with NGO ACT on the 18th of December 2021.
This initiative came about through a campaign whereby L’OCCITANE Malta pledged to plant a tree for every purchase made.

We Craft Sensation

By stirring the senses, we craft sensations. we turn to the unexpected to create long-lasting memories and bring more poetry into people's lives. Gifts that people can pass on to their loved ones knowing that they will be cherished forever.