What's Your Hair Type?

Before adopting a hair care routine, it is important to know your hair type, to know its characteristics as well as which products are beneficial to it. Hair type also typically changes with season, but we've got you covered! Read our guide below to help you find the best products and treatments to suit your hair, as well as some beauty tips to keep your hair in perfect condition!

Oily / Greasy Hair

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Damaged Hair

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Curly / Frizzy Hair

Dry Hair

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Thin Hair

Normal Hair

Feel like your hair is just normal? We have a few of our hair ranges which are suitable for all hair types and daily use. They bring a refreshing sensation to the scalp while giving vitality, shine, and suppleness to your hair.

For All Hair Types

The Aromachology Gentle & Balance Hair Care range is perfect to suit all different hair types. Its silicone-free light, creamy formula offers a unique sensorial experience, while its exquisite fragrance awakens the senses.

SOS Multi-Masking

We have four different SOS Multi-Masking products which can be used simultaneously to achieve the perfect hair! Whether its rough hair, hair with split ends or a lack of shine and moisture, we've got you covered…

How To Get Beautiful Hair

A guide to shiny, fresh and thick hair. Your hair is vulnerable to wear and tear, damage and dryness, treat it well and it will radiate.


Whether it’s sea water, sun, sand or even air conditioning, you go through a lot of wear and tear without noticing. Discover our tips!


While we all remember to take care of our face, the same can't be said for our hands… If you want to keep your hands looking beautiful all year round, follow our beauty guide!