The Verbena Collection honours the long history of the herb with L’Occitane, transferring its cooling properties into a line of fragrances, body care and hair care – not to mention our limited edition range. In 1981, L’OCCITANE created its first product range with Verbena, thus claiming its iconic status. Its fresh and sparkling scent has lemony herb notes that are perfect for the summer!

  Historically, Verbena was found in the south of France but over time hotter countries like Morocco began cultivating it and it died out in Provence. It was L’Occitane’s wish to replant and restore the verbena tradition in the region. Philippe and Magalie Mary, our trusted partners, welcomed the idea and started to cultivate the lemon scented plant in Jouques, in a natural green oasis. Thanks to this incredible terroir and the care given by our producers, this rare verbena has a unique olfactory note: crisp, green, powerful and citraillee.

Inspirational producers of Verbena

"We like to discover new crops, and that's how our project to specialise in Verbena was born. As part of the new relationship, L'Occitane offered support with a team that came to help the couple at their first planting" says Magalie.

An ingredient in all forms



A refreshing essence

 L’OCCITANE’s Verbena Collection honors the long history of the herb, transferring its cooling properties to a line of fragrances, body care and hair care that will give your body and mind a little added boost to get you ready to take on the day.


Rémy Margiella, an organic farmer with much experience in medicinal plants, planted a hectare of organic verbena in Tulette, in the Drôme Provençale region.

Did you know?

Verbena, also known as "the enchanter's plant", was a favourite plant with magicians – who used it to make love potions. Verbena is considered a universal remedy, hence why it is also called the "cure-all" herb.

Eau de toilette, Hesperide Vert

A refreshing lemony scent, loved by everyone! Verbena Eau de Toilette draws its inspiration from Mediterranean markets, a subtle fragrance revives both the body and mind.

Verbena Collection