For the NEW Osmanthus Collection, it was a collaborative effort between Producers, Perfumers and an Illustrator. We support our Osmanthus Producers and pride ourselves on our responsibly sourced Osmanthus Flower.

What are the benefits of osmanthus?

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Osmanthus Collection

Fresh, flowery, pleasantly sweet and fruity, our enchanting new fragrance embodies the uniqueness of the Osmanthus Flower. With the fresh fruity notes of Apricots, Pears & Orange, it is ideal for lovers of soft yet vibrant floral perfumes. Discover the full Osmanthus Fragrance & Body Collection.

What are the top notes of osmanthus?


Indulge in the sweet and velvety aroma of apricot. This top note offers a luscious and fruity fragrance, adding a touch of warmth and sophistication to your scent experience.


Crisp and succulent, the pear top note introduces a refreshing and juicy element to your fragrance. Its light, airy essence brings a burst of natural sweetness, creating an uplifting and delightful olfactory journey.


Energize your senses with the bright and zesty top note of orange. Radiating freshness and vibrancy, this citrusy element adds a burst of sunshine to your fragrance, creating a lively and invigorating aromatic experience.

Who are our producers?

Our main supplier for the Osmanthus Flower is Mr Tang Guo Yong, from ShaoShui Town, TangKou Village in China. Mr Tang started business in 2005, after finding out that Miss Xiao, owner of the Company TOP which produces Osmanthus and wanted to build her network. Currently, Mr. Tang owns 10 ha land, knowing that 1.3 ha is growing Osmanthus with about 1000 mature trees. With the continuous support from Miss Xiao, Mr. Tang was able to upgrade his transport vehicle, warehouse and the house he is staying.

Currently Mr. Tang is the village committee member, focusing on alleviating poverty in the community. Many local people in community value education, as they would like their descendants to take over, improve and keep their current business sustainable. Mr. Tang's wife, Mrs Tang Zhong Hua fully supports her husband with Osmanthus growing.

"When I smell this creation, I have the sensation of a Ray of Moon touching Osmanthus to let us see through their velvety petals of its flowers. Their authentic charm, their natural elegance, their inner delicacy are revealed with the light, and the fragrance Osmantus captures this beauty as a whole. It is the scent of happiness and peacefulness at the same time" - Marypierre Julien.

“The fragrance Osmanthus is like a contemplation of a beautiful starry sky as a reminder of plenty flourishing Osmanthus stars. It refers to this serenity we can feel when we are in contact with the nature. Also, the brightness and joyful colour of the Osmanthus echoes the Magical Golden Moon in the sky.” - Michel Girard.