For L’OCCITANE en Provence, it’s not just important to create products that delight the senses; it’s also important to have  commitments. So, as it developed its iconic Almond range, it was proud to get involved in the reintroduction of almond trees into Provence.

In 1956, an exceptionally harsh winter ravaged the French countryside, including the region of Provence, damaging many almond trees. They were consequently abandoned in favour of more profitable crops. On the initiative of a few farmers famillies, among which the Jaubert brothers who worked as lavender growers on the Valensole plateau, almond trees were replanted in Provence. Once again, they could become part of the Provençal landscape.

An inspirational producer of Almonds

"I have a special bond with almonds because my parents and grandparents already grew them. I’m happy to follow in their footsteps and perpetuate this family tradition which I also hope to pass on."

Almonds in Provence

An ingredient in all forms




A true treasure of nature and rich in vitamins, it moisturises, nourishes and softens amongst it’s many benefits -  sweet almond oil is wonderful for taking care of us from head to toe. At L'OCCITANE, we use Almond in all its textures, oil, butter, crushed cockles, protein and milk. This allows us to recover all the benefits and all the textures of this gourmet ingredient! 

From Almond Protein which firm and smooths the hair fibers, boosting shine to Almond body butter that hydrates and nourish with it’s creamy texture.