Winter Wonder Balm


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Winter Wonder Balm
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Introducing the L'Occitane Winter Wonder Balm – a duo designed to cocoon your hands and feet in sumptuous shea butter goodness, providing unparalleled nourishment and protection against winter's harsh embrace.
1. Shea Butter Ultra-Rich Hand Balm: Soothe and restore your hands with our lavish Shea Butter Ultra-Rich Hand Balm. Formulated with 25% shea butter, this velvety balm melts into your skin, leaving it intensely moisturized and delicately scented. Bid farewell to winter dryness as your hands embrace a cocoon of warmth and hydration.
2. Shea Butter Ultra-Rich Foot Balm: Treat your feet to the ultimate winter pampering with our Shea Butter Ultra-Rich Foot Balm. Enriched with nourishing shea butter and calming arnica, this balm rejuvenates tired feet, ensuring they stay soft and supple during the colder months. Let the rich, comforting texture of this balm be your winter foot care essential.