Home Perfume Diffuser

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Home Perfume Diffuser 100ml
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Size: 100 ml
Held in an elegant blue and white box decorated with botanical illustrations, this home diffuser has a soft, curved shape that's reminiscent of a drop of essential oil. Both beautiful and functional, it makes a delightful decorative object. Just add your favourite Home Diffuser Perfume and a few reeds to create a fragrant atmosphere.

Perfume sold separately.

Before each new scent, just wash the bottle with hot water and change the reeds.

How to use:
Only use half of the bottle if the air in your home is dry because the diffusion will be slower and last longer. Determine the intensity of the fragrance according to your preferences.
You should use only a few of the sticks for a light and gradual diffusion. Use all of the sticks for a more intense fragrance.
Position your diffuser next to a heat source to increase the diffusion of the fragrance.
Turn over the sticks once a week to intensify the fragrance.