Douceur Immortelle Uplifting Home Diffuser Perfume

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Douceur Immortelle Uplifting Home Diffuser Perfume
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Ideal for

  • Bringing a moment of well-being and conviviality.
  • Creating an uplifting home atmosphere.
  • Perfuming your home.

Application area

Pour the perfume refill into the glass decanter. Place the reeds into the decanter. Thanks to its diffusing system, the fragrance absorbs into the reeds. The perfume refill will perfume your home for around 4 weeks.

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself at the heart of nature, surrounded by a lightly scented breeze. Let yourself be cradled by the gentleness of Provence and give in to this moment of serenity. L'OCCITANE captures this pure and genuine interlude in this candle, marrying the essential oil of Lavender of Haute Provence PDO * with a cocktail of Bergamot, Mandarin, Sweet Orange and Geranium, to bring you a moment of well-being and relaxation.

*Protected Designation of Origin

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