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Find your signature scent with L'Occitane. Fragrances are designed to have 3 sets of notes which unfold over time to create each fragrance’s individual scent... Top Notes which are key to informing your initial impression of the fragrance, Heart Notes which act as the main body of the fragrance and Base Notes which bring richness and depth to create the fragrances lasting impression.
Eau de Toilette is the most popular concentration of fragrance, usually around 7-12% which has a greater focus on top notes and is designed to be reapplied for frequently. Eau de Cologne is often compared to Eau de Toilette but has a lower concentration, between 3-5% and is designed to be applied liberally. Finally, Eau de Parfum Explore generally has the highest concentration ranging from 15% to 20% and is known for its more intense scent and long lasting effect on skin.

Generally, perfume caries a more feminine connotation in popular use, and masculine fragrances are therefore often referred to as aftershave or cologne, which can be confusing. This stems from historical use of aftershave and cologne which was a fragrant alcohol rub men would apply onto freshly shaven skin to disinfect potential small cuts and speed up the healing processes. But both after shave and cologne have the lowest concentrations, at respectively 1-3% and 3-5%. Discover our Men’s Fragrances below, ranging from Eau de Toilette to Eau de Parfum depending on your needs!

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